by Henry Charles Mishkoff

TaubmanSucks Soars into the Blogosphere

In late March 2005, a brief mention of the TaubmanSucks saga in BoingBoing (a popular blog) resulted in more than half a million hits on the website and engendered articles in dozens of other blogs.

One of the first bloggers to write about the TaubmanSucks case was Seth Godin, the preeminent Internet-marketing expert and author of best-selling books such as Permission Marketing and Unleashing the Ideavirus. "Here's a fascinating case study in the power of being nice," Godin's piece began. (In a subsequent phone conversation, Godin revealed the depth of his interest in the TaubmanSucks story by mentioning that he was interested in the possibility of writing a forward to

Here's a sampling of what some of the other bloggers had to say.

"Thanks to Seth Godin for what he calls a fascinating case study, but, sorry Seth, what I call an unbelievable, incredible story of how a non-lawyer beat a law firm mostly on his own. I spent two hours reading this amazing story which reads more like a novel (and I didn't get to read everything)." -- The Legal Marketing Blog

"I went to the site to drop in. Two hours and 113 events later, I finally had an ending. This lengthy and often laugh-out-loud funny tale is a good read, comparable to a good book." -- So Cal Law Blog

"If you read this, be prepared to have a comfortable chair, plenty of fluids, and anger medication. It is a long story with documentation, and will take some time to read. It is worth the time if you are concerned about freedom of speech. Hank Mishkoff's battle is a must read for anybody who thinks that free speech is a way of life and not an inconvenient concept that can litigated away." -- Raving Lunacy

"You don't have to be a lawyer to appreciate it. In fact, if you are not an attorney, you will probably relish most how a layperson took on a law firm and its well-heeled corporate client. It delivers laugh-out-loud moments. One could probably not write fiction this engaging. Be warned, however. The story is told over 115 'acts,' but trust me. It pays off." -- LawReligionCultureReview

"It's a fascinating look at a small web developer being sued by a large corporation for running a website that praised one of the corporation's malls. Be warned, if you start reading, you may not be able to stop." -- J-Log [Journalism Log]

"Be careful, though. If you get sucked in by the introduction, you may end up reading the whole drama." -- Phosita

It's 115 'acts' long, but it's very entertaining, even for someone who doesn't understand the legal jargon." -- Mere-Orthodoxy

"It's long and filled with easily skipped legalese, but the overall story is riveting." -- Eric Berlin

"After reading Seth's blog yesterday I had to take a look at Hank Mishkoff's site – Taubman Sucks! And then I did the unthinkable (especially after seeing the site): I read the entire thing in a single sitting... and it's huge... but engrossing." -- AppliedThinking

"David now has a sling, though. The internet and its mass communication capabilities are a marvelous equalizer. Goliath needs to pay attention." -- Yclipse Tech Journal

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