by Henry Charles Mishkoff


Chapter 1: The Legal-Sized Envelope (13 pages)

I get a threatening "cease-and-desist" (C&D) letter from Julie Greenberg, a lawyer representing the Taubman Company, the developer of The Shops at Willow Bend, a shopping mall being built near my home. A couple of years ago, I had created a website with information about the mall, and that's the subject of Julie's letter – she accuses me of trademark and cybersquatting violations and demands that I relinquish my domain.

My girlfriend points out that I'm really not doing much of anything with the website, and she suggests that I should just give the domain to Taubman. I promise to think about it. However, when I do some research about trademarks, I begin to wonder if I've actually broken any laws – and if I haven't, I'm uneasy about giving Taubman the domain name just because they've threatened to sue me if I don't.


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